Mon Blau makes proposals to entertain children

24 March 2020 - 06: 49

Mon Blau He is thinking a lot about you, and the desire they have to see their Pekemón Park full of children again. Do not worry! This will happen and soon you will be enjoying, both young and old.

While that comes, Mon Blau He proposes you to recover traditional games with the children: are you lucky enough to have a terrace? Paint a sambori with chalk and play hoofs. And if not, do it with cushions inside the house. Children have to expend their energy stream, and it's okay to calm them down. Have you tried yoga for them? You can find numerous videos on social media dedicated to doing simple exercises combined with breathing. It is surprising how they like it and it calms them down

Very soon, breakfasts, lunches and snacks will return in Mon Blau. And birthdays and games! Mon Blau will be waiting for you with all the energy.

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