María Jesús Pastor, faller mayor of the West, with Noa Dacosta and Julio Ausina as child charges

The Real Club Náutico de Dénia was the venue chosen this year for the West fails to celebrate, this Saturday, the trick of their 2020 positions.

After falleros and falleras enjoyed a dinner in the lounge, the president, Álex Salmerón, announced the first name of the night, that of the children's president. The one chosen this year is Julio Ausina, who already has in his possession the cowboy hat that credits him.

The two presidents went in search of the greater infantile faller, position that this year will show the small Noa Dacosta, daughter of the chef Quique Dacosta.

The last name of the night, the most anticipated, was the one of the faller major 2020 of the West, a position that this year will be represented by María Jesús Pastor.

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