The players of the CD Dénia charge a month and return to train

Tuesday was the day marked by the coaching staff as training, but everything remained in the air after the shock played by the yellow team in Portuarios. The players were clear that they would not come to train if before the issue of the debt that the club maintains with them was not solved.

Everything indicates that on Monday the staff and coaching staff were informed that they would come to train on Tuesday, as there was an intention to collect. That's how it went. They appeared at the Field Diego Mena the acting president, Antonio Martí, accompanied by two directors, and met with the staff. From this meeting, few solutions were provided, just to show that everyone has the maximum support of the board. But moral, economic no.

Later it was the Sports Director, Tano Bertó, who met with the staff and coaching staff, and it was clear: he paid them a month. Only one month of what is owed. He explained that he will continue working to continue contributing money but at the moment it is what he could offer them. He left the decision in the hands of the players who chose to retrain.

The team made its last training before taking the Easter holidays. The CD Dénia will return next Tuesday to exercise to prepare his match against UD Carcaixent.

The players received a boost of morale that was not expected, as everyone thought they would catch up. At least, it allows them to have a money that was theirs for their work but that they did not have. There remain four days where the team plays absolutely everything and now all the support that players can receive is little. They are fulfilling even without charge. That is why the Dianense partner and fan must feel proud of the staff he has.

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