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26 2022 April - 12: 07

Since the beginning, Cresan focused its activity on the exhibition and distribution of tiles and flooring. Tiles with signature series, original and with exclusive designs that adorn any room in the house, as well as different styles and formats that adapt to any studied interior design. His exhibition is located in Benissa (Alicante), where you can find unique tiles, coatings and 3D elements in design to create unique spaces.

Currently, they are expanding their department and are also working entirely in the designer kitchens and bathroom furniture. In addition to accessories and complements that go from the initial sketch perfectly to the final idea.

En Cresan they have a design studio and with interior designers in charge of each proposal, which will show you kitchen designs in 3D, thus visualizing how the kitchen of your dreams will look like, the structure, organization, materials and accessories so that you can imagine it from the first moment. You can ask for a budget without any commitment.

The best materials of each brand are part of their projects, we must highlight the quality of the finishes, accessories, doors, nuances and countertops with the exquisite taste of each house, both nationally and internationally. The quality of kitchen furniture is the result of years and years of learning, of choosing, of always being at the side of the best professionals in the world of interior design and kitchen furniture manufacturing.

The kitchen accessories are the icing on this piece of cake, accessories that manage to create a complete kitchen with great detail. Stand out the counters and worktops, organizers and drawer dividers, pull-out fittings, design cutlery trays and a long list to acquire this space of the house that is not only dedicated to cooking, but also as a meeting and conversation place between families.

Unique and personalized kitchens

in Cresan design and assemble unique and 100% personalized kitchens, which adapt to a well-structured and studied sketch by architects, decorators and interior designers who seek the client's final perfection. They work with professional studios that know very well the world of reforms and materials, the warmth of the finishes and the unique author pieces that will capture all your attention.

Their trajectory is marked in the market as suppliers of luxury kitchens and electrical appliances, as designers of luxury kitchens and as suppliers of projects for architects, construction companies and developers. They have managed to make their brand a safe value when it comes to creating a high-end, elegant and timeless kitchen.

Modern design kitchens

These series are characterized by their minimalism and practicality. Its main objective is to turn that workplace into a social and family gathering. They are kitchens open to the living room with an island or peninsula depending on the dimensions of the space. Fusions of styles and materials with a lot of personality are created. Kitchen furniture, appliances and accessories are mixed creating a modern style, with avant-garde touches and author pieces that are true works of art.

Designer kitchens with island

Designer kitchens with islands are the revolution of all homes, they are authentic spaces where there is a great diversity of functions: from a large space to work, to a place to enjoy a family dinner. Thanks to the central table or island you will be able to enjoy this environment much more inside the house, where all the storage space is expanded in the lower part of the island.

high-end appliances

High-end appliances are smart and that gives them certain capabilities that, if they are not essential, will help you a lot and will make your day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable.

They perfectly fulfill the expected functions and, in addition, allow you to have greater control over them, even when you are not at home.
There are many advantages compared to conventional appliances, such as greater energy savings, greater control from a distance and programming, ease of use and function and, in addition, absolute respect for the environment. In the design kitchen appliances section of Cresan, you can choose and customize according to your social and family lifestyle, and add supplements to ensure greater comfort at home.

designer sinks

Designer sinks have a myriad of unique and excellent qualities, such as the material from which they are made, such as ceramic or carbon fiber that have revolutionized their kitchens. You can also modify the size and its dimensions to expand and facilitate its use and, in addition, you will find options such as a multifunction bucket, cutting board, drainer or area for preparation. This area is one of the favorites, as it will give you precision and order. It is pure elegance and also fits into modern and dynamic kitchen environments. They are unique sinks in design and aesthetics, but they also have outstanding technical characteristics such as resistance to cuts, the perfect base for cutting food without leaving its water zone, they are very resistant to hot and cold temperatures, capable of withstanding 1.240º or temperatures under 0º.

Modern faucets

The taps in today's kitchen are purely intelligent: taps that have a safe pressure control to boil water or taps that open their water channel without touching them, simply with a sensor, thus avoiding touching them for greater hygiene and safety. In addition, they also have an extensive variety of materials, colors and finishes.

Very minimalist faucets that look like perfect art sculptures or faucets looking for a more vintage style. Technology and design come together to combine these complete features in the design faucet sections of Cresan for kitchens.

The innovative kitchen accessories They are an indispensable tool today to order, store and perfectly organize the kitchen. These are unique pieces that aim to facilitate work in the kitchen. Retractable plugs, cabinet and drawer organizers, LED lighting on countertops and cabinets or dish racks with integrated heating, are just some of the examples of accessories that you can find for your kitchen.

100% personalized design bathroom furniture

Discover Cresan's wide range of bathroom furniture with personality, that manage to create unique spaces and that gain prominence in global home decoration. They have author pieces carefully designed with the best materials that exist for bathroom spaces. Sanitary ware, sinks, bathtubs, cabinets and countertops that not only fulfill their personal hygiene functionality, but also become designer furniture with original shapes and custom colours, creating environments full of magic together with their tiles and coverings.

Luxury bathroom furniture, the elegance of Inbani

Thanks to the investment in technology and the conviction of creating products that provide well-being to the user, the luxury bathroom furniture project that was started has become a reality, a consolidated brand. Inbani presents you with unique collections full of design that, combined with excellent raw materials, make unique representations in the bathroom. If it's not handmade, it's not Inbani. With this premise, they approach the personalized manufacture of these pieces, attending to different artisanal processes until achieving an unbeatable result. Modules, dressing rooms, sinks and tops cared for in detail with spectacular finishes and directed by a designer or a studio that manage to create that unique and genuine image around the world.

Luxury minimalist bathrooms with Antonio Lupi

A rigorous perimeter that defines a surface; a brand that makes an image, a sign that expresses the creative rigor of man and increases the sense of measure, the value of proportions, the intrinsic beauty of balance. A marked, determined, absolute profile is the distinctive feature of the BEMADE collection designed by Carlo Colombo. A graphic sign that becomes a distinctive feature of the project to maintain a style, to draw a domestic landscape made of solids and voids, color combinations, reflections and plays of light and shadow.

designer toilets

The contemporary selection of toilets from Cresan It has nothing to do with the traditional ones, vintage shapes are recovered but with very avant-garde airs, rounded and sinuous shapes that dress the interior of the modern bathroom. Personalized colors that combine with the interior design of the house, striking and subtle colors, depending on the taste of each one, but highlighting each and every one of them for their originality. In addition to the physical and aesthetic qualities, designer toilets also incorporate high technology in their day-to-day functions.

designer bathtubs

Since time immemorial, the bathtub has been an object of luxury and well-being in the bathroom, a moment of relaxation and personal tranquility that the Greeks and Romans already used with perfumed oils and mineral salts. If you have a large space in the bathroom, you can choose its section of personalized bathtubs in square, round, oval or rectangular formats and shapes and with the addition of the color you choose to complete the interior design of the desired bathroom.

Our UHS Color Bathtubs They are a product highly sought after by interior design studios for their contemporary projects. New range of colors for bathtubs in a textured silk matte finish with extreme adherence and high resistance to color change, scratches and impacts. Textures, finishes and colors achieve a wonderful handcrafted piece that creates careful atmospheres in an interior design studied in detail.

Antonio Lupi bathtubs are pure colored glass. The Antonio Lupi firm has just added a new material to its sinks and bathtubs. “Cristlamood,” which has been named for its transparency and brightness. It is a new generation in the world of colored resins, very resistant and versatile. It was produced, initially to be applied in sinks; Carlo Colombo has been in charge of the design of all these pieces. However, precisely due to its resistance, it has also been transferred to a larger scale, that of the bathtub, designed on this occasion by AL Studio.

Color bathtubs, with transparencies and textures create unique atmospheres in the space of your home.

Image: Elegant bathrooms with bathtubs

Design washbasins

The sink has become a key piece in bathrooms. A unique piece of pure architecture with a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors that amaze us at fairs around the world. But, which sink to choose for your bathroom? Countertop, free-standing, built-in or wall-mounted washbasins are some examples that can fit perfectly in every bathroom. Interior designers and architects design bathrooms with original basins and in their projects you can find colored basins that are truly crazy and that will revolutionize your bathroom. Matte or gloss finishes that you can combine in your bathroom with the interior design that you like the most.

National and international brands bet on this novelty to incorporate them into your reforms.

It is worth highlighting the latest addition of Cristlamood Basins, with that crystalline color and shine that gives all the prominence to the bathroom furniture. Author pieces with finishes that are close to perfection and that you can choose from a yellow with a lot of energy to sea blue.

Get the space of your dreams with Cresan.

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