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The de-escalation measures will mean the closure of more than 30% of the hospitality industry, according to AEHTMA

30 2020 April - 08: 31

The Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of the Marina Alta (AEHTMA) shows its outrage at the de-escalation plans presented by the central government, and they are clear that with these conditions "it is very difficult for their associates to open."

The reduction of the terraces to 30% of the capacity makes their maintenance unfeasible, according to the association of hoteliers, since it makes it impossible to cover the expenses generated by opening them. The sector continues to demand to know the Technical Specifications and Guarantee Seal for Prevention of COVID-19, as well as having EPIS and hydrogels to resume activity. And they need another series of economic guarantees, such as tax and municipal tax exemptions, in which they continue to work with the mayors. In addition, they need to address the topic of rents "that are drowning many companies." While everything continues at this point, AEHTMA affirms that the de-escalation thus proposed "will mean the closure of more than 30% of hospitality establishments, as well as the delay in opening a greater percentage of small companies".

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