Jordi Gil del Multiesport-UCMontgó suffered a breakdown in Siete Aguas

The test known as MTB Malacara, which was held in the Valencian town of Siete Aguas, did not disappoint anyone. Its organizers prepared a spectacular route, with a terrain typical of the purest BTT as a result of the rains that fell.

The test brought together great bikers because it is the last scoring test of the Challenge of the Comunitat Valenciana Marathon BTT.

After the first 20 kilometers of the race, in which he was traveling at a frenetic pace, the Multiesport-UCMontgó cyclist, Jordi Gil, suffered an unfortunate breakdown that caused him limitations in the exchange system and led him to take the rest of the test with greater caution, with the company of Roberto Gómez.

Puncture for R García Pedrosa in Murcia

On the other hand, the municipality of La Unión, in Murcia, disputed the Social Race The Union, in which the Team was represented with R. García Pedrosa. His performance was good as he remained firm in the peloton throughout the test that due to the rain factor was very selective. Despite the effort of this runner, an unfortunate puncture did not allow him to finish the test.

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