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Jesús Pobre celebrates his successful festa de l'escaldà

August 27 from 2019 - 09: 35

"In the hangover of the festa de l´escaldà, we outlined a smile of satisfaction of the great day that Jesus Pobre lived", declare from the EATIM of the municipality. L´Escaldà, this year had the first anniversary of his declaration with intangible cultural interest of the Valencian heritage, which certifies its wealth as uses and customs and high cultural interest, as well as a perfect date before the end of summer in the that residents and visitors could browse and get to know our deepest roots.

That Jesús Pobre champion 10 years the recovery and dissemination of this tradition is due to the will of an entire people: the association of neighbors maintaining this ancestral rite, as well as the remaining groups that join together forming a community, a collective soul "Proud of its past and its agricultural, landscape, monumental and rural culture". Women making llata, the workshop of hurdles, the tasting and sale of muscat and raisins, the didactics of the Les Freses winery on muscat and the development of unique wines whose trajectory will give a talk, or this year with Gelart's expertise , which brought a Jesus Pobre muscat ice cream that was a success, consuming 100 liters and 987 tasting tubs, and which, according to the EATIM, "It should make us reflect on this native product and its possibilities, as well as the group of danses of Jesús Pobre diversifying the offer at the stroke of dolçcina and false teeth, and the 2020 party bar that served hundreds of people with lunch and picaetes who did not want to miss this festive day, which lasted in the bars and restaurants in which with love, they prepared special menus of l´Escaldà, where raisins and mistelas were not lacking, and that put the accent on rethinking what gastronomic offers we should offer from the proximity, revitalizing our primary sector over fashion or imposing dishes ".

Jesús Pobre defends that the umbrella of the festival of L'Escaldà has been authenticity, with the enthusiasm and collective work as a common denominator with which every year they infect visitors above the mere promotion. That is the formula, which has the necessary institutional support from the Eatim de Jesús Pobre, betting on culture, uses and traditions, and good practices as a basis for generating new opportunities, and which urgently requires generational relief.

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