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Imagination to power in a children's and Sailor Carnival in Dénia

February 07 from 2016 - 00: 30

Dénia and her children signed up for the Carnival celebration, a party that in this newly released 2016 came with news brought by the new councilor for parties, Eva Ronda. The main one, the change of location, happening this year in the Mariana Pineda square, in the district of Baix la Mar. And for the occasion, the animation created a giant octopus made of balloons that led the parade and that had them to do with some of the narrow streets of the historic marine neighborhood.

At 17: 00 hours the participants gathered at the end of Marqués de Campo Street to collect their numbers for participation in the costume contest. The music of Cachorras Band enlivened the wait until the start, an hour later, of the parade. For the first time in many years Marqués de Campo Street did not host the costume party, which toured the Cervantes Esplanade, Bitibau Street, San Antonio Square and finally, Mariana Pineda.

Hundreds of children, with their parents and friends, participated in this children's party, which year after year has a greater number of participants. In the 2016 edition include the high number of troupes created for the contest as well as the large number of children who participated in the Mini and Children's categories.

After parading on stage and be assessed by the jury, composed of members of the Festival Committee, a mini disco entertained the smallest to the awards ceremony, held near 20: 00 hours.

children's carnival Dénia 2016 - 1º Comparsa Award

Category Mini dress won a small pirate ship, followed by a housewife and a chicken. In junior category he won a Barbie tucked in his box, followed by a homemade robot. Duos category was won for the third consecutive year two small this time dressed the Carnival of Venice, followed by a gladiator and two small fans The Wars.

Finally, in paragraph troupes, the third prize went to a large group of cowboys; the second for a parade full of bees, flowers and beekeepers and the first prize for a colorful and very colorful clowns.

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