[PHOTOGALLERY] The battle for Dénia reaches the beach with the Moro Landing

On yesterday afternoon, hundreds of witnesses witnessed the arrival of the black troops to the beaches of Dénia, eager to conquer such a beautiful land, even if they cause a bloodshed. The rows of Moors and Christians they already immerse themselves fully in their parties with the traditional Moro Landing, where they recreated the battle and subsequent signing of the truce between the Christian and blackberry captains.

There were hundreds who came to witness one of the most important events of the week on the beach of Port de Dénia. There was dance, there was fighting, and, above all, there was a party. After the battle, the Christian and blackberry captains signed the truce at the request of the president of the FEMMICC in order to enjoy in peace the different parades and events that will take place these days in the city.

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