Adapted sport triumphs in Dénia: from basketball and football to go-karts

Adapted sport triumphs in Dénia: from basketball and football to go-karts

May 09 from 2023 - 09: 13

On May 6, 34 users of the Condemned to the Curb Association, accompanied by 12 monitors, enjoyed an adapted sports championship organized by the Municipal School of Adapted Sports of the Dénia City Council, at the IES Maria Ibars Facilities.

The fundamental objective was to ensure that people with different abilities could enjoy sports physical activity. For this, different tests were chosen with the corresponding modifications, to facilitate the participation of all attendees. The tests that were carried out were Boccia, an ideal sport for many of the people who use wheelchairs, widely practiced at the School and in its different modalities Bc1, Bc2 and Bc3; Kart circuits, since these vehicles have become one of the great wild cards for the practice of sports for people with different abilities due to their mechanical, dynamic and orthopedic characteristics, a large number of users can benefit from them; bowling in its traditional modality, which is practiced with the corresponding modifications; and also the most popular, basketball and soccer, although with adapted pitches. The modifications of each of the tests made it easier for athletes to participate in various competitions.

The practice of physical activity and sports is something more than the development and execution of specific skills. Its inclusive potential makes it easier for very heterogeneous groups not only to enjoy its benefits, but also to promote enormous social cohesion for all its participants.

We are able (Municipal School of Adapted Sports of the Dénia City Council) is carried out thanks to the collaboration of the consistory and various individuals that make it possible for the members of the group to enhance their personal autonomy, learn, improve their social skills and prevent isolation problems, allowing the Families have their free time.

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