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The Dénia Tennis Club prepares to host the XLI Orysol Circuit

18 July 2019 - 11: 58

The Orysol Circuit, a competition that has been held uninterruptedly for 41 years, being a pioneer in Spain and the oldest in Europe, will come to the Dénia Tennis Club from 22 to 28 in July.

This international scoring tournament for the world tennis ranking serves the promising young players of the world tennis as a catapult to get their first ATP points, essential to participate in the big world tournaments.

During all these years we have seen great players like Rafa Nadal, Juan Carlos Ferrero, David Ferrer, Andy Murray, Roberto Bautista, Nicolás Almagro, Pablo Carreño, and more recently Jaume Munar, 53 world ranking, and Bernabé Zapata , nº244, summoned in the last Davis Cup qualifiers to represent Spain.

In these last editions the promising young Alex de Minaur took part, which has been the 2 number of the Junior World Ranking and the current 25 number of the ATP and Nicola Kuhn world rankings, the 5 world junior and the current 262 of the ATP ranking.

The tournament is held in the morning and afternoon, which means a large influx of both local and national and international tourists who are spending their holidays in our city. Also the players who participate in the tournament bring many visitors to our club as they are accompanied by their coaches and their families.

Preliminary phase days 22 and 23 July

A qualifying preliminary phase is played, during 22 and 23 days in July, with a 32 players table, in which there is representation from almost everyone. As an example, in the last edition players from Spain, Germany, the United States, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Belgium, Japan, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ireland and Belarus participated.

From this preliminary phase eight players are classified to play the final phase. The final phase is played from the 23 day to the 28 of July, and is composed by the 20 registered players with the best ranking, 8 players classified from the previous phase and 4 wild cards (guests). These places of invitation to play the final phase are used for young players with projection or level players who have not previously registered to participate in the tournament.

In addition to the individual test the doubles modality is disputed, from the 23 to the 28 of July, with a total of 16 pairs. The thirteen couples with the best ranking and 3 wild cards (invitations) participate in this test.

The final of the doubles event is held on Saturday 27 in July and the individual on Sunday 28 July. At the end of the final, trophies are handed out to the champion and finalist, attended by the local authorities, the President of the Federation and other authorities.

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