The City Council ensures that the works of the center will meet the deadlines despite the stoppage of carrer Major

23 October 2020 - 07: 53

The works to recondition Valgamedios and Tenor Cortis squares, and Major and Pare Pere streets, is undoubtedly the most ambitious project of the Dianense consistory during this term. However, achieving that longed-for more pedestrian-friendly area is not an easy task, which is why for weeks we have been working tirelessly in the place.

Now, work is being done on Pare Pere street, since the works have been stopped for weeks at Major. With the asphalt lifted and access cut off, the road has been left as it is, sending the team to work on the Pare Pere parallel.

Criticism for the delay has not been long in coming. Gent de Dénia has compared what is happening in Major street with the works of two years ago in Colón and La Mar.

However, the City Council has ensured that the deadlines will be met and that the work is well advanced despite the fact that, it is true, it is stopped in Carrer Major. The reason responds to waiting for the mandatory authorization to proceed with the elimination of the old installations of the vial, of the fiber cement (uralita), requested, according to the consistory, in the month of June to the competent body, the INVASSAT, of the Conselleria de Job.

  1. Luis says:

    Here is a clear example of what they understand by a friendly city for the elderly…. All hypocrisy. Faustino's previous comment was very successful.

  2. faustino Pinach Renovell says:

    Pedestrian crossings in Denia… ..Horrible¡¡¡¡¡ There are no more accidents due to the prudence of the drivers. Wherever you want to look, in front of the hippies, on all the walks, on the Mercadona climb, always the same: poor lighting and the zebra crossings, pedestrians, that are hardly seen, especially in the afternoon / night.
    We have plenty of technology to improve those points. It is better to hope that the level of accidents is high enough to attract our attention…?
    My most energetic protest of how it is currently and that with small details such as improving road crossings, increasing lighting or placing temporary lighting systems would be more than enough. let's get down to it.

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