'Ecosegundos', the smart container with incentives, collects more than 500 plastic bottles in the last two weeks in Dénia

17 October 2019 - 08: 56

Since a month ago, the smart container located in the Almudena Seguros Exclusive Agency and endorsed by Ecosegundos and Telefónica España, receives a good number of people every day aware of caring for the environment and recycling.

Recycling with incentives has hit hard in the capital of the Marina Alta, where more than 500 plastic bottles and about two hundred cans have already been collected, in the last two weeks.

Dianenses have enthusiastically received this pioneering initiative nationwide, which already has almost a hundred special offers and discounts for people who recycle Plastic bottles and soda cans.

In Dénia we can find gifts for people who recycle their bottles in the smart container, as a discount on your new sunglasses or graduates in Espai Visual (Paseo del Saladar) or some beautiful silver earrings with cultured pearl Joyería Bonilla (Diana Street).

How does recycling work with incentives?

In the offices of the Almudena Seguros Exclusive Agency on Cándida Carbonell Street No. 1, you can find a recycling area where you can deposit your plastic bottles and soda cans. In addition, in this space dedicated to recycling, they will help you download the application and follow all the steps to get your incentive.

Pioneer initiative that continues to grow

In other countries, such as Italy, this recycling system is already being implemented, in exchange for an incentive. In the case of the city of Rome, we can get a subway ticket in exchange for recycling plastic bottles. This is just an example, of what little by little we can all achieve.

With the idea of ​​a circular economy in which everything we generate can be recycled and get another use, this initiative, first of all, includes being able to offer the person who recycles a prize, discount or offer. But if we continue to grow, the advantages will increase and together we can reach the awareness of governments and companies.
Let's bet for the 2020 to be the first year towards the arrest of the climate change disaster.

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  1. Sanny says:

    It seems fantastic to me, it was about time. In Germany it has been done for many years, in every supermarket there is a machine where you can deposit your bottles and they return between 25-50 cents per bottle / can. When you buy the bottle it is more expensive, yes, but that way you "force" people to return the bottles. I hope it works in Spain too!

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