Dr. Meyer-Josten (Glorieta Clinic): "The CEDMA award recognizes the quality of our work and encourages us to continue promoting new projects"

Christopher Meyer-Josten and his wife María do Céu Meyer-Josten came to Dénia 20 years ago to found clinical Glorieta. That small private clinic located in Glorieta Valencià Country, today has become two clinics, one in Dénia and one in Els Poblets, with a team of professional 20.

This evolution has been recognized with the Award CEDMA, awarded to the companies of the Marina Alta for their career. Dr. Christopher Meyer-Josten received this award very surprised and excited. "It's very exciting for me, it's an honor to receive it. You realize that the world values ​​your work and it is a fantastic feeling, "acknowledges the Doctor of Clinical Roundabout. In addition, this recognition is very special for someone born in Germany who decides to move their work and family to Dénia. "My roots are here, my family, my daughter who is Spanish. This award is one more example to say that Dénia is obviously my home, "recognizes Meyer-Josten with emotion.

Pioneers in the Marina Alta

Glorieta Clinic has pioneered many treatments performed in the Marina Alta, such as hip arthroscopy, implanting a chip to monitor heart failure for three years, pacemakers or defibrillators.

Dr. Meyer-Josten has reviewed the history of the clinic and highlights the good functioning of the health of the Marina Alta and the importance of the good relationship they have with the Hospital de Dénia, a very important aspect for the benefit of the patient. "I love it because we are all very professional and collaborate with each other. It is very good for public health, private and above all for the patient, "says the Doctor.

Focusing on rapid diagnosis and teamwork in clinical hold long conversations with the patient and with all doctors to analyze each case in a personalized way and get an effective diagnosis as soon as possible. "We are very focused on working as a team. We have the luxury of being fast and we talked a lot with the patient, a quality that makes this project a little different, "says the founder of Clinica Glorieta.

And continuing with this work system, their intention is to increase their specialties and for that, they are working on a new project in Ondara. "This recognition gives confidence in the quality of our work and receiving the award at this time is perfect," acknowledges Dr. Meyer-Josten.

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