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Day hiking, what I put in my backpack?

February 14 from 2014 - 00: 00

Now the good weather and it's time to enjoy nature. In addition, it is the time when most plants and trees draw their flowers to the fore, so that the mountain offers all its beauty.

When we prepared for a hiker out, we must prepare to spend several hours away from home and in an environment where it may we do not have all when we needed. Therefore, it is necessary that we prepare well all that we are going to take.

What to put in your backpack

The first step is to choose a good backpack, we do not refer to a backpack face, but a backpack that meets our technical and functional needs.

The backpack should be large but not spend, about 20 liters. If we have a very large backpack will weigh more and have to carry more weight.

In time to see which backpack is right, you must look at if you have ventilation in the area of ​​the back, it is very important to be able to regulate the pads to fit as much as possible and to have a close area waist to hold it better.

Another important aspect to consider is the number of pockets and compartments available to the backpack.


What should we put in the backpack

When we make a hiking output, it is necessary that we have basic material as a thermal blanket (takes up little space and can resultarnos very useful), a mobile phone for emergencies, camera to capture our best moments, a first aid kit, a hat, a knife and, of course, water, lunch and snack bars, fast food assimilation.

For his part, Fernando Sendra, manager Tururac also recommends that you always carry with you a first aid kit, a hat and a piece of insulation as a para-wind or rain jacket, which folded occupies very little space.

Check out this video that has prepared the team Tururac and ... enjoy your hiking trip!


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