DBC SUMA defeats Oliva while the Senior Women does not achieve victory in Benidorm

February 05 from 2024 - 09: 41

This National Senior Men's weekend emerged victorious against a CB Oliva that did not leave at any point in the game, demanding the players to give their best level to defeat them.

This is an important moment for the group led by Eduardo Clavero, who will face the last third of the competition with every chance of entering the playoffs for promotion to the EBA League, but without being able to stop looking at the teams that are chasing them and They fight for permanence.

After an even first period, the team played one of its best quarters of the season, achieving, especially with its defense, a 22-04 run that practically decided the game.

However, the advantage achieved at half-time (38-17) did not continue to grow in the second half as a result of the success and insistence of the visitors, who in the fourth period managed to get below the barrier of ten points behind.

The reaction of the Dianenses was immediate, putting things back in place, closing the match without giving rise to any surprises.

On the other hand, the team has lost two of its members this week. Paolo Adolphi and Jordi Ruiz, both for professional reasons, have left the team dynamic, although it does not represent a definitive goodbye.

On the contrary, the Senior Women could not carry out their match against CB Benidorm despite the fact that the players did everything on their part to try to achieve it.

The match started with a lot of pace on the part of both teams. The defenses clearly imposed themselves on the attacks, making it very difficult to score points on both sides of the field.

The locals knew how to take better advantage of this dynamic thanks to their greater height to fight under the rings, and their success in the decisive moments of a low-scoring clash.

The group Juan Luis Pérez He tried everything, reaching the last period with options to win the game, but the lack of aim in the outside shot and the difficulty in scoring within his zone dragged him to defeat.

The team will rest next week, two wins away from fourth place in the standings, which would grant them access to the playoffs for promotion to 1st National.

But he will do so without forgetting that in his first year in the category, the fundamental thing is to maintain distance from the teams that pursue him in order to ensure permanence.

As for the Preferred Senior Male, the DBC fell against Algemesí. The team arrived with many physical problems but with very high spirits to try to make things difficult for the Valencians.

From the beginning they started the match without complexes, playing face to face against a strong rival, to whom they planned to offer all possible resistance to their offensive strengths.

During a good part of the first half of the game, the fluidity in attack gave the Dianenses control of the situation, closing the first quarter up five points and then reaching the break with a disadvantage of four (30-26).

But as expected, the hosts had not shown all their resources and changed the dynamics of the match when they put up a tight defense that we had a hard time overcoming.

As the minutes passed, only the defense kept them in the match, making it very difficult for them to continue adding points on offense even though they never stopped trying.

Once again they showed that they can compete against any rival, but they have to be more consistent throughout all the games to achieve the victories needed to retain the category.

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