What will the new Valgamediós square be like and how long will the works last?

January 07 from 2023 - 09: 00

The Valgamediós square in Dénia is again under construction. This week has begun what is expected to be the last phase of a project that was presented for the first time in 2017 and that seemed to have concluded in the first half of 2021. However, after the criticism received after seeing the result, which was far from the promised project, the City Council was quick to declare that it was only a first phase and that it would have to undergo a second to see the final result.

January 2023 and now it seems that yes, the popularly known as West Plaza faces its final works that have a term of execution of three months. Therefore, once again we could see how the fault of the district that is planted in the place has to improvise a base to raise the monument in Sant Josep.

The promised project

The works included in this last phase of adaptation of the area include the pedestrianization of Ronda Murallas street, between Valencia avenue and Mayor street, which will be integrated into the paved area of ​​Valgamediós square, forming a single platform. It is planned to have a gutter in its central part that collects rainwater runoff, as well as the installation of benches, litter bins, planters, lampposts and children's games on rubber pavement.

In the section of Camí de Gandia between Avenida de Valencia and Calle Campotorres, the width of the existing sidewalk will be widened and the curb and paving will be renewed with cobblestones similar to those in Plaza Valgamediós. Sections of the street that are in poor condition will also be resurfaced and horizontal signage will be renewed. Lastly, the project provides for the renewal of the pavement on the sidewalk of Calle Estrella up to the corner with Calle Pare Pere.

Among the improvements offered by the company in the bidding process is the planting of trees and shrub species in the tree pits that will be created on Campotorres street, the installation of irrigation control elements and the connection to the existing network.

  1. Leon says:

    And we continue without lighting in the semi-urbanized section of Ondara street.
    A project that with two or three points of light would improve the safety of that section of street and, currently, would also give a little light to the recently created parking lot.
    It seems that claiming the obvious is not understood by the current corporation
    Let's see if the next ones understand it

  2. Begoña says:

    I think the same as all of you….for a lot of Tram, for a lot of University, for many little trees and for a lot of road renovation, the City Council is a City Council of failure….they continue to give importance to things that it does not have and we continue with an OBSOLETE Denia WITH A MISERABLE LIGHTING AND WITH ITS STREETS MADE A SHIT...Loose cobblestones, broken sidewalks etc...not to mention the dirty spaces and ghostly structures...Who are we voting for??? Tell me a single party that in its government plan has as priorities the RENOVATION OF THE LIGHT OF THE CASTLE AND ITS STREETS, SIDEWALKS, MODERN AND BEAUTIFUL PUBLIC SPACES, because that is where my vote will go!

  3. Pepa says:

    I'm sorry, but I don't think that what was done in their day was a first part and after so much time they started with the second. I honestly believe that the project that was carried out and approved did not make sense, a lot of money was spent from the citizens despite the numerous deficiencies that exist in the city and now to correct what was done, other money will be spent but, it does not matter, what else Yes, we citizens continue to be victims of the taxes that are imposed on us and faithful to their payments. With no choice but to look foolish and jump through hoops

    • Omniway says:

      Exactly so it is. I hope that this time they have studied and supervised it well before so that later the little trees and banks are not a problem to mount the fault. These things happen because of the incompetence of the people who dare to run for PUBLIC office without any kind of preparation and knowledge of almost nothing.
      All this would be solved by requiring qualifications and minimum training to fill these positions. But that's what there is.

  4. Carmen says:

    Indeed, with the needs of Denia (electricity, sewerage, street cleaning, etc.) who insisted on showing those who vote that things are still being done, redoing what was done and throwing away the money that only they contribute. It will be necessary to remember that, without second homes and without tourists, Denia can go to waste. Where they go to work and where the majority of the population.

  5. Paloma says:

    ¿HAPUZA WORK AGAIN?? How easy it is to use everyone's money without an adequate efficient forecast of spending!
    Keep it up, Elections are coming!!