The construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Joan Fuster Avenue and Manuel Lattur Street begins

Next Wednesday, 16 in January, the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Avenida Joan Fuster and Calle Manuel Lattur begins in Dénia. Some works that involve the first phase of the construction of roundabouts at the intersections of Joan Fuster Avenue with Pintor Llorens and Manuel Lattur streets and a level crossing that will save the railway barrier to convert Joan Fuster Avenue in the future southern round of the city.

The first phase of the work will focus on freeing the space of the new roundabout and the channeling and pedestrian crossing islets, so that the affected central median will be demolished, as well as part of the north sidewalk of the avenue. On the demolished sidewalk will be excavated and filled with concrete to the current level, thus allowing traffic over these areas in the next phase.

The new islets will also be executed in the median and in both margins of the avenue corresponding to the pedestrian crossings and the channeling of the roundabout, as well as the pedestrian fords in them. To enable the crossing of the avenue, a temporary pedestrian crossing will be enabled.

Impact on traffic and parking

While the work of this first phase lasts, parking will be prohibited on both sides of Joan Fuster Avenue in a radius of 30 meters to the left and right of the junction, as well as the parking lot next to the median. Also, in the area of ​​works will allow circulation in both directions, but with a single lane. The traffic on Manuel Lattur Street will not be affected and will be able to circulate in both directions as before.

The company awarded the works is Los Serranos agglomerates and the award price amounts to 150.806,32 euros plus VAT. The works, structured in three phases, have a expected duration of 3 months.

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