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Learn to mitigate hair loss with The Reference Studio

10 September 2019 - 11: 16

Whether you are a man or a woman, surely at this time of year you will notice more Hair loss, does not grow or grows thin and fragile, loses vitality, elasticity and shine, and ends up falling.

Is the seasonal fall, for which we lose hair to regenerate it with more force for the harsh winter. For proper regeneration, the hair follicle must be stimulated and fed, activating the blood microcirculation to oxygenate the bulb, and strengthen the anchoring system.

Treatments to regenerate hair

To activate microcirculation, in The Reference Studio they have specially created therapies to strengthen the hair fiber, which act on the scalp as remineralizing and astringent. Products whose base is marine spring water, which confers properties similar to blood plasma, since it contains a large number of trace elements and natural nutrients, as well as other products designed to treat these problems and show off a balanced scalp.

There a treatment for each person, since these are customized according to the capillary anomalies of each one. You know, if you see hairs on the pillow, don't hesitate, in The Reference Studio they can help you. Relax, they take care of everything. In The Reference Studio everything is customizable and adaptable to each client.

Request your appointment now at The Reference Studio, La Mar Street, 2. Or on the 965 788 834 phone.

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