20 years fulfilling dreams: Aluvent celebrates its anniversary looking to the future with enthusiasm

May 24 from 2023 - 11: 23

Imagine flying to 2002. Three friends, coming from different fields, are talking about the future. And they are thinking about how to make something durable, reliable, modern and fun.

there is born Aluvent. An idea of ​​the future that carries 20 years Giving answers to your customers. And he does it in the form of aluminum, PVC, railings, mosquito nets, partitions and many other things.

But above all, it does so in the form of commitment with its customers, with an after-sales service that forges lasting relationships and with a human team that show that the best technology in which a company can invest is people.

A lot has happened since that year 2002. They have won a World Cup, two European Cups, they have experienced the odd crisis, a global pandemic and many, many good moments working together.

Today those three young people are not so young anymore. But they're still the same together. They remain just as convinced that this is the way. they are still grateful to their clients and sure that all this without them would not have been possible.

And they are still the same excitedbecause the best is yet to come.

En Aluvent They're going for the next 20. With you, of course.

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