Everything ready for the Festa de L'Escaldà, the great Jesús Pobre muscatel event

August 25 from 2022 - 10: 42

After the restrictions of the pandemic in the year 2020 and 2021, the Association of Neighbors and Neighbors of Jesús Pobre, with the collaboration of the Minor Local Entity, has finalized the preparations for the Festa de l'Escaldà that will take place this Sunday 28 August, from 10:00.

Previously, on Friday, August 26 at 20:00 p.m. in the great Riurau, Hilari Alonso's concert "a prop" will take place, a renewal of Valencian folk, and which mixes traditional repertoire with contemporary themes.

And on Sunday, August 28, starting at 10:00, the Festa de l'Escaldà will feature the workshop of Canyissos, the workshop Can, and an exhibition of elements for the transformation process of the Muscat in raisins.

The Association of Residents of Jesús Pobre will also promote the production of this locality, and will have a point for tasting and promoting Raïm Moscatell and of raisins, which this year will reach 850kg of muscatel raïm of local production in total.

The Riuraus Vius Association will have a space dedicated to the study of riuralogy, and will present the new publication that reaches number 10 dedicated to the riuraus of Parcent, and information on the culture of l'escaldà and the rural architecture of the pansa.

In the area of ​​wines and broths, this year a point of dissemination has been given to the Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre, by Mara Bañó, to publicize precisely the cultivation of muscatell and the production of wines and mistelas within the term itself. municipal, and that right now is in the process of harvesting.

In addition to the muscatel raïm, raisins, architecture, wines and the ritual of l'escaldà, this year highlights the collaboration of Oscar Palacio, master ice cream maker at Heladería Palacio, who has prepared a tasting of artisan ice creams made especially for the fair, and who reaffirms the potential of muscatel in our gastronomy: Marina muscatel raïm ice cream, chocolate ice cream with Marina muscatel raïm, toasted almond ice cream with mistela, Marina blat ice cream with orange blossom and raisins, and Muscat raïm popsicles.

The Festa de l'Escaldà will conclude with the danses de Jesús Pobre grup de danses and the colla de la xareta at 12:30.

The Festa de l'Escaldà will have a bar service for the festeros and festeras next to the Gran Riurau, and some restaurants of the local entity will join the celebration of the festival with menus or dishes that include muscatel or raisins, advising to make a reservation in advance .

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