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Discussion and Comments

Kathleen CarrollThe July 25, 2019 to 11: 41
I want to travel from Denia to Alicante on Saturday 27th July. What times do the busses make this journey and where is the bus stop?
PeterThe July 24, 2019 to 16: 04
Muss i have a postbox after 31 october i live in marinas.boxxes like this are in front of my house. Wher muss i go to apply
Maria Carmen AzcarragaThe July 24, 2019 to 12: 21
Keep the beaches clean all year. Sewerage network in Montgó and Las Rotas
BorjaThe July 24, 2019 to 11: 20
Hello, I am interested in renting it for a long time if you can contact me to specify some perfect things, I await your response, greetings
Jose LuisThe July 23, 2019 to 22: 56
Man, in Spanish, I would have understood better.
AlfonsoThe July 23, 2019 to 18: 12
Can you tell me what's funny? The poseidonia, pass, but the beach in general is neglected. How many days a week do you smooth and filter the dirt from the sand? How is the breakwater of the Raset? Look, from Madrid, as from many other areas of Spain, Denia has many tourists who consume and are part of that internal tourism that fills restaurants, in general consumes. Do you think that Denia would evolve only because of the boats in the yacht club? They have noticed how their facades are, houses in many cases alienated, full of dangerous loose cables without channeling ..... etc. Now, how funny that of the interview, complacency does not evolve. If a swimmer gives his opinion and lends himself to it, the least respect. I repeat the question, what's funny? I live in Madrid, visited Denia eight, ten times a year. I spend good seasons there, and I can assure you that I do not see the grace, it seems to me lack of education to treat someone in this way. Let him think about it
Maria Carmen AzcarragaThe July 21, 2019 to 11: 07
Please contact me. I want to know what is happening with the licenses to build in 800 m2 in les Rotes. Denia
Inma GarcíaThe July 21, 2019 to 09: 31
It is a real shame, as the City Council of Dénia treats us to the neighbors of les Deveses, but more specifically in a section. This section is to ensure, that of the most visited by bathers especially families with children, for its wonderful sandy beach. We do not have a flag, we do not have a lifeguard in 500 m. We do not have a Lavapiés, we do have a dog beach, total absence Local police. This section is located from the first pier to the rocks located in front of the front line villas. Parallel to Riu Deva street. Here we can drown quietly, nothing happens. City Hall of Dénia, councilor of beaches, when a little turn around here. Shame Mr Councilor Delegate of Beaches
Karina SchürgerThe July 21, 2019 to 08: 52
Hello, I have two children and I am in August in DÉNIA, what should I do to register them?
PigeonThe July 21, 2019 to 00: 01
Much encouragement! But the beaches continue, today 20 July, in sorry state, full of dry seaweed that shows a very negative image of this city.
Maria Carmen AzcarragaThe July 20, 2019 to 15: 49
The structural plan of Dénia Urban Planning has already been approved by the Department of the Environment?
Juan LuisThe July 20, 2019 to 15: 14
Good job you are good professionals! Within the sadness it represents for the family and society!
Eduardo Bellver AlberolaThe July 18, 2019 to 23: 40
Thank you, it was a pleasure to spend a little time with you. Your assistance encourages me to continue doing what I like, to write so you can read it when you feel like it
Antonio Martín GonzálezThe July 18, 2019 to 15: 27
Congratulations Eduardo, we wish you many successes in your new position at the head of the Red Cross of Denia. The members and subscribers of the Tennis Club in Denia, we are proud to have you among us for your sports and human values. Congrats friend
Iñaki Blanes MiroThe July 17, 2019 to 09: 15
There is not much to say about Patricio Ferrandiz street, exactly the same thing happens, there are no chairs in which people pay, but there is tourism and especially people from Denia who want to enjoy the floats.
TeroThe July 17, 2019 to 05: 10
Some beautiful works on the marine landscapes of the area.
Pilar rodriguezThe July 17, 2019 to 02: 50
I participate and share I would like to spend a few days in Portugal (Algarve)
Pilar rodriguezThe July 17, 2019 to 02: 48
I participate and share and I would like to be played if there is luck.
MaouiThe July 16, 2019 to 22: 58
Holà wanted to know the price Of the rent for a month thanks
Vicente DilibertoThe July 16, 2019 to 20: 51
I would be interested in contacting you, you may send me your address and phone number if possible. Thank you.
María IbarsThe July 16, 2019 to 16: 00
That is why the City Council of the psoe labels everything in Valencian. To those of Madrid who fill the coffers of the town hall that give them. And improvement works only where they vote mostly on the left. This is bread today and wed .... the morning.
WomanThe July 16, 2019 to 09: 40
is a tourist rental housing, is rented per week is not for sale can enter our website and check availability is the Villa Belair page WWW.QUALITY RENT.COM Regards
CEI El CastelletThe July 15, 2019 to 23: 26
Hello, call us by phone and we specify and you can also look at the prices on our website. Thanks and best regards.
VeronicaThe July 15, 2019 to 17: 39
I participate and I share I would go to France with my boyfriend
DianaThe July 15, 2019 to 12: 42
Hello good afternoon. I would like to know if it is sale or rent and the price in any option Thank you
Maria de la OThe July 14, 2019 to 22: 54
Well, since we are talking about floats, to me, it seems indecent to me that the floats when they arrive at the end of Campos Street and take Diana Street, there is no parade, everything is disorder, the most absolute disorder, and then those who They look at the floats and they have paid for their chair, because there are them in Diana Street, they do not deserve this "desbandá", and this in the first round. I think it's a shame. In other words, there is only a parade on Campos Street. And the others, what?
BeatrizThe July 14, 2019 to 19: 13
Good afternoon could we bring two 4 girls a year and a half (twins) in August 15 days? Prices? Thank you
PereThe July 14, 2019 to 08: 03
Good morning giving the reason to the failures I want to add that many acts do not start at the scheduled time and that the failures should respect more to the public who will see the floats and not keep the distances so great between the one and the other true gentlemen of the JLF a respect to the public thanks
AntoinetteThe July 12, 2019 to 23: 44
I would like to know how I can place an order or where is the store I am interested in the dressing that takes a tear at the end
Mary and.The July 12, 2019 to 16: 36
I've been living in Dénia for a year and of course I do not understand the train. It seems a lie that being such an important and tourist area does not have a train. I come from the big city where everything depends on the neighborhood and the people we do not drive are moved by such means of communication. I would like someone to explain to me what interest there is so that the train does not work.

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