Putting up posters marks the beginning of the election campaign

Already he arrived. The election campaign has already begun, and has done so strongly in Dénia. At twelve o'clock, parties who opt for mayor of the city began papering the city streets with posters of their candidates and candidates for the regional. Point

Paco Sánchez Zurita is the candidate of UPyD municipal Dénia

The Board of UPyD, a proposal from the regional leadership of the party in Valencia, confirmed as headliners in Dénia Paco Sánchez Zurita. It is the first time that the formation magenta attends these elections in the capital of the Marina Alta. Sánchez Zurita, of 42 years, militates

UPyD delegate resigns in Dénia

Julio Garcia Carballera resigned as a delegate of UPyD group in Dénia because of disagreements with the Board of Directors and the lack of support from former delegate. In addition, low cause of this party affiliation. By letter sent to the media, he has expressed identify with the Functional Manifesto

The rally "For freedom of expression" 400 people gathered

The demonstration called by the Union Public Employees of Valencia called 400 people who started the journey from the square Archduke Charles, to the square of the Constitution, at the foot of City Hall. Once there, Enrique Alcaraz, union general secretary read a statement of thanks to the political organizations present

Julio García will represent UPyD in Dénia

UPyD local training in Dénia has appointed its new Chief Representative. Julio García will be responsible for the formation magenta represetar after being approved by the Territorial Council of Union Progress and Democracy (UPyD) in Valencia. Julio García has spent much of his working life to the world

Propose a zero-based budgeting for next year

UPyD in Dénia has proposed that future city budgets are made with zero technical base. Thus, the consistory would make the accounts based on the current needs of each area and not based on the numbers above subs. According to political education, this new processing system


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