Paris Falla Pedrera

Paris Pedrera celebrates, in the shadow of the Montgó, the proclamation of Elena Puig as major faller

Paris Pedrera celebrates, in the shadow of the Montgó, the proclamation of Elena Puig as major faller

With the Montgó as a common thread, the Paris Pedrera fault celebrated this Friday night the proclamation and exaltation of Elena Puig Pastor, faller major 2019. The young Aida Gavilà was in charge of the conduct of the act, which dealt with the physiognomy of the Montgó, the love that she has in Dénia and

Paris Pedrera dressed up in the appointment of 2019 positions

The neighborhood of Paris Pedrera hosted last Saturday, 1 in September, the appointment of their positions for the 2018 / 2019 exercise. The highest representatives of the commission, Fran Naranjo, Elena Puig, Pepe Gonzalez-Albo and Marina Grimalt, arrived on horseback at Sagunto Street, where dozens of friends and family were waiting for them on a very

Paris Pedrera renews with David Sanchez for the large monument of 2019

The Paris Pedrera flaw has announced the renovation of its artist of the big monument facing the failures of 2019. The chairman of the commission, Fran Naranjo, recently met with David Sanchez Llongo to formalize the agreement between both parties. In 2018, Sanchez's monument, More difficult still, was won by the

The party of the 'apuntà' serves to start the year in Paris Pedrera

The Paris Pedrera flaw has officially started the 2018 / 2019 exercise. And it has done it with the first party of the year, the one of the apuntà, that gathered falleros and falleras in the street Sagunto to enjoy the festero atmosphere of Paris Pedrera. The day was chaired by the charges of this

Apuntà 2019 on the Paris Pedrera fault

This Sunday, April 15, from the 12: 30 hours, the Paris Pedrera fault opens the doors of his house to celebrate the strike of falleros and falleras facing the new exercise, chaired by Fran Naranjo with Pepe Gonzalez-Albo Ferrando as child president, Marina Grimalt Jareño as a senior child faller and Elena Puig

Paris Pedrera chooses Elena Puig and Marina Marsal as senior fallers of 2019

The Paris Pedrera flaw announced this weekend the names of the 2019 charges, which will accompany Fran Naranjo Portillo in the new exercise that starts at the Dénia faults. The child charges will be held by the new children's president, Pepe Gonzalez-Albo Ferrando, and the new infantile senior faller, Marina Grimalt Jareño. As

Thais lives her most special day as a senior faller for the Paris Pedrera fault

The youngest members of the Paris Pedrera commission had a very important event this Sunday morning: the proclamation and exaltation of Thais Fear Arbona as the district's top child fallera for this exercise. Surrounded by magic and recalling the upcoming Halloween celebration, Thais lived, along with its president, Yan Andrin, a


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