Falla Les Roques

The Les Roques fault presents the play 'La Clòtxina Alegre'

The Les Roques fault has organized, the next 2 in February, the work La Clòtxina Alegre, an adaptation of the work La Barraqueta del Nano by Paco Barchino that will stage the components of the theater group El Desficaci. Tickets can be purchased, for 5 euros, at the offices of Seguros Pedrós (Avenida

La Falla Les Roques presents the sketches of its 2019 falleros monuments

The Falla Les Roques de Dénia lived one of the most outstanding acts in the preparation of Fallas, the official presentation of sketches for these Fallas 2019. The happiness machine is the motto of the children's monument that counts for the first time with the artist David Vinaroz. For the big monument, the Falla Les

The children's monument of the Les Roques fault is already in Dénia

There are still three months left for the Fallas monuments to light up in the streets of Dénia, but some commissions have everything ready for that moment. This is the case of the Les Roques fault. His child charges, Alma and Iker, picked up his fallita last week. The monument, the work of David Vinaroz, is now

The Les Roques fault anticipated the celebration of Christmas

The components of the Les Roques fault celebrated their Christmas in advance last weekend. A large group of falleros and falleras gathered at the Bar Polígono de Dénia to share a night of party and gifts, since the Invisible Friend exchange was not lacking. Presentation of sketches Continuing with

The IV Magic Gala of Les Roques takes illusion and surprise to the failure

The Les Roques fault celebrated last weekend its IV Magic Gala at the Llebeig school, an event awaited by many fallers and friends, especially the youngest ones. This year, the failure included the participation of Mago Salvago, who presented two other magicians from La Safor: Fer, who came from

The Les Roques fault organizes a magic show for the whole family

On Saturday, 24 in November, the Les Roques fault has organized a magic show for the whole family in the Llebeig school hall. The act will begin at 19: 00 hours. Tickets can be purchased in the house of the fault or in the same room on the day of the performance.


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