Guided tour through the ancient streets of the Taifa of Dénia

August 21 from 2015 - 00: 05

The group of tourists flock to the expert guide at the gates of Dénia Castle. At about 20: 00 hours begins the visit. It's a totally different look to those years have since been in the castle. This visit is outside the walls, the old town.

At the door of the Castle

Jaume Sau, historian, is in charge of carrying out the relevant explanations. I had never done this kind of visits are new to why the offer from this year. The path to follow down the street San Francisco, why Sau is stopping and explaining what is believed to be had during the Islamic period.

The guide tells stories and anecdotes as the visit progresses. Talks about what was the Taifa of Denia, how their king, Mujahid in the eleventh century came to conquer the Balearic Islands and almost achieve Sardinia. Gradually going deeper into the historic streets of our city, not only explaining what happened in those centuries so far away, but also explaining the richest centuries.

05 Sau says something about the castle gates

Down to the Loreto street and pushing into the main street and alley la Moreria, Jaume Sau is stopping and explaining the oldest houses, as they were built and will explain how, through trade Raisin Dénia grew greatly. Before this, Sau explains what was believed to every corner at the time of the Amiríes Mujahid. It focuses especially in the convent of the Augustinians, in the part where the cloister was today it boarded up. That, experts say, the mosque, ie, the nerve center of the city outside the walls was.

Around the hypothetical mosque, the Islamic city, which would be structured almost the same as the current historical district would find. That is, three parallel streets, which today Loreto, and Pare Pere Mayor and streets and alleys that intersect at right angles.

The penultimate stop is in one of these, the narrowest of all perpendicular streets. Here, Jaume explains how tried to assassinate the king's son. Ali was the eldest son of Mujahid, ie, who would succeed him, and his brother, furious, tried to kill him to seize power. The narrowness of the alley prevented the gunman take his spear and Ali guards could kill him, saving his life the future king.

To end the visit, what better than archaeological remains? Almost to the Town Hall Square, on Calle Loreto, you can see a perfectly preserved remains. Jaume Sau stands in front of the fence and tells visitors surprised what was supposed to be that. On the one hand an old house, with living quarters were the rooms and on the other hand, what is believed to be a bathhouse, where men were to wash and relax. Thus ends this visit and the guide is preparing for another tour, this time from inside the Castle walls.

018 Ruins of an Islamic house

The balance, according Sau, of these visits is good. Obviously not receive many visitors as those made through the gates of the fortress or inside the walls, but from the department are happy why in this first year of such visits, the host, by the (national tourists ) above all, it was quite acceptable.

Tours are conducted from Tuesday to Friday at 20: 00 hours. The meeting place is the climb to the Castle and is essential sign up here, although they are totally free.

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