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Violence in the Marina Alta: Dénia schedules an annual meeting to talk about regional history in capital letters

Start date: December 01th 2023
Finish date: December 16th 2023
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: Municipal library
Home: Free
Event finished

The Department of Culture of Dénia together with the Institute of Regional Studies of the Marina Alta and in collaboration with the UNED, they present cultural days that will immerse attendees in the history of the murkiest Marina Alta. Under the title Violència i estat emergent. The Marina Alta (1833-1923), the conferences will take place from December 1 to 16 in the conference room of the Municipal Library of Dénia.

councilman Raul Garcia de la Reina, accompanied by the municipal archivist, Rosa Seser, and the historian and coordinator of the conference, Ricard Llompart, announced this morning the initiative that seeks to delve into the history of the Marina Alta with the intention of turning it into an annual event, expanding to other parts of the region in future editions.

The lectures, each lasting approximately 45 minutes, will offer participants the opportunity to engage and debate various historical aspects of the region. The municipal archivist, Rosa Seser, highlighted the purpose of the conference to approach history seriously, stating that "a city like Dénia has to dedicate some time of the year to talking about History in capital letters."

The programming of the days

  • Friday, December 1 at 19:30 p.m.: Inauguration by Ricard Llompart with the conference Some considerations regarding violence and death during the establishment of liberalism in the Marina Alta

Saturday December 2

  • 11: 00: Framework presentation by Jesús Millán (professor of Contemporary History at the University of Valencia) on Violence and emerging status in Spain in the late XNUMXth century
  • 12: 00: Conference by historian Jesús E. Alonso on Political violence and social pacification: just some ullades and observations on the volume

December 12 Tuesday

  • 18: 45: Presentation by researcher Manel Arcos on About the 150 years of the Benimassot robotori
  • 19: 45: Conference by researcher José L. Luri on Violent coast. Crime and police control on the southern coast of La Marina, XNUMXth century

Thursday December 14

  • 18: 45: Conference by M. Dolores Ramírez (historian and professor at UNED Dénia) on Difficulties of building liberalism in Dénia
  • 19: 45: Conference by Joan Miquel Almela (historian and archivist) on Between the sogre and the gendre. Power strategies of the Sala de Pego and the Torres de Benissa

In addition, during the duration of the conference, the Library will host the exhibition of drawings by Andrés Jaén Violence and criminality in the Marina Alta.

1 Comment
  1. Rudolf says:

    I cannot understand what a series of conferences on the violence of the past can contribute to today's society in our XNUMXst century.
    If that is the way to understand our “history in capital letters” we are going wrong, perhaps we are violent people instead of welcoming and calm? Isn't there a much more constructive and peaceful history in our towns?
    Or is it about giving work, I suppose paid for with our taxes, to a group of chatterboxes advocating violence?
    There have surely been specific, horrible and shameful events in many places, which is why they were “judged and archived” to avoid misunderstandings and a bad image of where they occurred.
    Violence only attracts violence
    I cannot understand how or why something like this is allowed and organized.