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[VIDEO] One hospitalized and several injured in the first entrance of Bous a la Mar

06 July 2019 - 21: 48

During the afternoon today the first entry of Bous to the Sea took place, where a man, after being attacked, has been knocked unconscious when his head hit the ground. He has not suffered any apparent mast injury, however, they have had to transfer him to the Hospital de Dénia and, when the premises were left without an ambulance, the event has been stopped for approximately half an hour.

Photo: Ben Dewitte

In addition, two other injured have suffered the wrath of the cattle. First, a young man from 23 years who has suffered a dislocated shoulder and a bruise on his head after being rammed by a cow. The second has been a man of 31 years who has received a goring on the side of the torso. Luckily, in neither of these two cases has it been serious.

This is how the first entrance of bulls was lived

Today have started the Major Festivals of Dénia with the first entrance of bulls, which has briefly traveled a street crowded with people due to the festivity.

  1. B Dewitte says:

    Still looking for the person who s on the picture to give him the good quality! Contact me here please on how to get in touch.

  2. M. Müller says:

    What nonsense ...
    poor bulls ...
    these parties serve to get drunk to the maximum and leave a lot of trash behind ...