[VIDEO] Singer ELY Lpz chooses Dénia for the video clip of her version of the BSO of 'Game of Thrones'

Dénia, the Torre del Gerro and the incomparable Mediterranean scenery from Les Rotes have been chosen by the Madrid singer ELY Lpz to record the video clip of her version of the soundtrack of Juego de Tronos. ELY, next to the string quartet Mnemea, have created their version in Spanish of this well-known soundtrack.

ELY Lpz began its journey in the world of music with only 15 years. It was at 2012 when participating in the first edition of La voz, with the Malú team, where he gets a greater recognition to bet even stronger for his solo musical project and also, it will be at the beginning of that same year when he becomes part of from the renowned choir Gospel Factory directed by Dani Reus and that has collaborated with such renowned artists as Melendi, Manu Carrasco, Raphael, Pastora Soler, Pitingo, Ruth Lorenzo, David Bustamante and that generates many of the BSO of the last film productions of the company Disney Pictures.

In 2017 Ely became part of the musical imitations program Your face does not sound to me, still broadcast on Antena 3 during the spring and managing to be among the first 3 with its performance Sleeping alone of the artist Vanesa Martín and arriving at the penultimate gala as Ellie Goulding under the theme Love me like you do.

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  1. leon :

    It was a terrible mistake not to have included the sinister Ondara street in the video; place forgotten by the political powers and assumed by its inhabitants
    DENIA is life! Although without lighting and cleaning


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