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Vicent Grimalt will be proclaimed mayor with the support of Compromís

09 June 2015 - 08: 17

The socialist Vicent Grimalt will be proclaimed mayor of Dénia, on Saturday 13 June, the day of the constitution of the town halls. This follows the assembly held on Monday by the Compromís group, where the agreement was reached by acclamation to vote in favor of the pact with the socialist group.

Vicente Grimalt socialist candidate for mayor of Dénia

the covenant that ruled in the Dianense municipality in the 2003 and does so with full equality councilors thereof, 7 belong to the Socialist Party and the nationalist group 4 Compromís is repeated.

Rafa Carrio will become a strong man of the session and will lead some of the most relevant departments. Delegations to be assumed by the councilors of the government team are not yet defined.

Who announced his intention to abstain on the day of the vote for the election of mayor was, Antonio Losada, of the Canviem group among Tots, although he also commented, "we are willing to accept any of the departments that we can give". It seems clear that the socialist, nor have the backing of the two mayors of citizens nor the elected representatives.

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  1. Antonio says:

    Antonio Gálvez Sánchez am, neighbor usual summer and fiscal Las Rozas de Madrid, but in the summer of Denia, as the owner of an apartment in Playasol Mediterranean Gate H, num.7 Street Coll Verd, 3 in this location.
    Since 2006 step every summer here and have enjoyed the attractions of the same, which are many. But this year for two nights and some undesirable should hold the call Bottle party or other similar nature, they should not allow clubbers are so high decibel noises that keep us sleep the last few nights.
    Never until this year with this Local Corporation have we been disturbed by peace and quiet at night. For reasons of public health should be avoided, unless the new Ediles, want to "SPANTAR" Denia to many thousands of tourists who seek peace and peace that we have found in this town. I want to rule out that both the Mayor-President, the Party Councilor and even the current Local Police Chief do not seek to provoke us for being "progress", with such NIGHT NOISES preventing children, the elderly, the sick and other thousands of citizens from sleeping. , by allowing such acts, that if not all of them and other responsible parties will be denounced for damages to public health, caused, with a requirement of civil and criminal responsibilities, which I will undertake with immediate denunciation in the Court. Dean or Guard in the next few days. Well, it is clear that, if in previous years and during these Holidays, such problem has not originated, it is because from whom the authorization of these facilities of the Fair comes, it lacks the most elementary in every leader of the Public Services, That is the common sense of whose internal sense enjoy even the other superior mammals and should resign or damaged we will undertake the appropriate measures to activate their cessation.
    This is intolerable and if due to changes in location of the fair, damn them who have decided to such an extent that we will not tolerate .repito visitors for damages incurred.
    Tomorrow this message will be published in various media, being blameworthy who has decided to install noise that factory unsuitable place ... which I guess is not near the Mayor's home ...

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