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Vicent Grimalt, elected mayor of Dénia with the votes of PSPV and Compromís and the abstention of Citizens

15 June 2019 - 14: 46

No surprises Socialist Vicent Grimalt was elected this Saturday, 15 in June, as mayor of Dénia until 2023. And he has been elected with the votes in favor of the 12 councilors of the PSPV-PSOE, the support of the three councilors of? Commitments and the abstention of the two councilors of Citizens, while the rest of the councilors -PP and Gent de Dénia- They have voted for their candidates.

The plenary session has begun with the constitution of the age table. The councilor of greater age, Vicent Crespo (Compromís) has been the one in charge to give step to the 21 councilmen in his inauguration, whereas the youngest councilor, the socialist Melani Ivars, has distributed the badges of the city to each one from them.

After the vote, Grimalt has received his rod of command, a symbol of the mayor's office that he will hold again for the next four years, and the spokesmen of the political groups have taken the floor.

All have agreed to congratulate Grimalt for his victory, and have shown their demands when it comes to overseeing the movements of the government team, as well as supporting what they consider to be good for the municipality.

The mayor stressed that this legislature stands out for the majority of women in the municipal corporation - 11 in front of 10 men - and the political regeneration of the parties, since there have been a dozen new faces that have become part of the corporation.

Grimalt has reviewed the objectives that will be pursued this term, as the university campus and the change of productive model "to diversify the local economy". Grimalt has called for dialogue between parties but also with citizens because "There are issues of state that we have to move forward with the strength that the union will give us".

The mayor has finished his speech affirming that "We can be right and we can be wrong, but we have two very clear things: we will not change, we are as we are, some more of you; and all we decide, do and act will be thinking about the well-being and improvement of our city".

Councilors that form the municipal corporation of Dénia 2019 / 2023

PSPV-PSOE (12 councilors)

  • Vicent Grimalt Boronat
  • View Cristina's full profile to ...
  • Óscar Mengual Gomis
  • Maria Josep Ripoll Berenguer
  • Paco Roselló Sirerol
  • Maite Pérez Conejero
  • Javier Scotto Di Tella
  • Elisabet Cardona Almiñana
  • Raúl David García of the Reina Martínez
  • Alexandra Gertrudix Sánchez
  • José Domenech Maiques
  • Melani Ivars Rojas

Commit (3 councilors)

  • Rafa Carrió Company
  • Eva Ronda Ivars
  • Vicent Crespo Femenía

Popular Party (3 councilors)

  • María Mut Mezquida
  • José Antonio Cristóbal Roig
  • Eva Català Ivars

Citizens (2 councilors)

  • Susana Mut Alemany
  • Estefanía Schwamb Martínez

Gent de Dénia (1 councilor)

  • Mario Vidal Sastre
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