Several hundred residents of Dénia cry out again for peace and coexistence in Gaza

November 27 from 2023 - 11: 26

Several hundred residents of Dénia gathered again in the streets of the city to express their rejection of Israel's attacks against Palestine. This demonstration, the third in the capital of the Marina Alta since the escalation of the conflict in the Gaza Strip, it was convened by the Moviment per la Pau de la Marina Alta.

The march started from the port of Dénia and traveled through several streets until reaching Glorieta of the Valencian Country, where the participants read a manifesto, recited various poems and observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the recent clashes.

Approximately 300 people, according to the organizers, and 200 according to the Local Police, joined the rally, evidencing their commitment to the cause. The protesters expressed their desire to continue mobilizing until the violence stops, since they consider the four-day truce insufficient.

The participants asked to stop the violence and build a future of peace and coexistence between two peoples that now share territory, making it clear that this will not be the last demonstration. They have already announced their intention to return to the streets next Sunday to reiterate their call for peace in the region.

  1. But it's cool to look cool says:

    All of these in the hands of Hamas (Palestine) end up as minced meat.

  2. You have to read History says:

    It must be remembered that in the Basque Country demonstrations continue to be held for ETA terrorist prisoners.

    • Eugenio says:

      Demonstration of the usual… in favor of any anti-system. In this case Hamas wants to ANNIHILATE all Jewish Israelites. Ed to Hamas whom Israel attacks. Hamas does not want coexistence and hides behind its human shields to win the media war between the usual idiots. And some other naïves who only read half-postures. Read and study the complete story. Do not repeat slogans of your leaders

  3. jot says:

    Only one sense and no memory