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UNED Dénia receives an award for good management practices

10 December 2019 - 00: 42

First Prize to CA UNED Dénia “And what do you know about UNED? UNED Trivial ”in terms of“ Good management practices ”.

The main role of the Social Council of the UNED is to bring the University closer to society as well as to promote excellence and innovation, an objective that the initiative “And what do you know about UNED? Trivial UNED ”is more than contributing to create a space for games and information about UNED.

The Prize will be presented at the end of the year in an annual ceremony organized by the Social Council of the UNED for the entire university community. It is a festive and participatory day where UNED's commitment to society is celebrated. A university of success, experience and academic rigor.

UNED Dénia is an Associated Center that stands out, as they say from the center, "for its proximity and attention to students, which is why this award represents their effort and dedication for a job well done".

In the words of the Director, Ms. Raquel Martí, “And what do you know about UNED? Trivial UNED is born from the restlessness and experience on the part of the entire UNED Dénia team to make the UNED known throughout the Spanish geography, as it is an idea that starts from a previous work visiting and collaborating with the education fairs of the different towns of the Baixa and Alta Marina Regions. The collaborative and team attitude of all the staff of the Center showed that the different communication strategies should be combined to raise awareness of the UNED: its advantages, its idiosyncrasy, its proximity, its possibilities, its flexibility and its commitment to equal opportunities for people who would like to join this rewarding adventure of knowledge.

As a member of the UNED community, we thank this award to the Social Council of the UNED for valuing our idea and work so positively. For the UNED Dénia Associated Center, receiving this award is an honor, since there is no greater satisfaction in recognizing the work and creativity of an entire team, especially the PAS of the Center, which has worked with such enthusiasm for it. "

This is the second occasion in this year 2019 that CA UNED Dénia receives a first prize at the national level within the UNED, which indicates that it is a "unequivocal signal of an excellent team trajectory and a direction with a clear commitment to fulfill the social function of the university".

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