About thirty future CA Baleària Diànium athletes participate in the campus away from the track

August 07 from 2020 - 09: 02

During the past month of July the "II Athletics Campus" was held, organized by the Athletics Club Baleària Diànium. The remodeling of the sports court made it necessary to transfer the activity to the Rodat field, something that was not an excuse for the planned activities to be carried out, all thanks to the collaboration of the Department of Sports.

In this edition there were 30 participating students, mostly trained in the Municipal Athletics School that coordinates and directs the CA itself Baleària Diànium. Meaning that 8 of the students were first-timers, as it was their first contact with the sport of athletics.

The day to day of the Campus was very entertaining for the boys and girls, who carried out a wide variety of activities, among them, hurdles races, learning the technique of the hurdle step, learning the technique of the different throws, work of very varied coordination, athletic gait, high jumps, pole vault, length and triple jump. There was no lack of speed exercises, resistance circuits, relay races. In this way, they were able to learn the basic technique of all the specialties that this sport has and lived closely the essence of athletics.

Great challenge for coaches

It was truly a great challenge for the club's coaches, Aina Fornés and Michael Castle, which knew how to adapt an original form for the practice of the different athletics specialties, as they did not have the ideal facilities that would have been an athletics track.

The students received several visits, including those of two of the club's monitors, Emilio Monfort and Cesar Bas. They brought more variety to campus activities. But the most prominent was that of Pablo Trescolí, current Decathlon Absolute Champion of Spain. Their stay was very enriching for the students who had the opportunity to talk and listen carefully to the advice of one of the best Spanish athletes of the moment.

Throughout the campus, the security measures established by the Ministry as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis were complied with, something that made it difficult to get closer to the students. At all times the participants and the technicians felt freedom after having spent a few months without being able to leave their homes.

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