A woman dies when falling from 4 meters in a cove of Les Rotes

A woman of about 67 years of age and French nationality lost her life this Sunday afternoon in Dénia, in the area of ​​Les Rotes, after accidentally rushing from a height of more than three meters.

The events happened around the 17: 00 hours in the bathroom area next to the Helios restaurant. Apparently, the woman was trying to pick up a flower when she lost her balance and fell into the little cove in front of El Faralló.

The witnesses of the accident alerted the health services. Local and National Police agents were transferred to the place. Also two basic life support ambulances that practiced pulmonary resuscitation, unable to do anything for his life.

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  1. Mélody :

    Mom, my love ... Here everything is over ... Because mom, because you went to pick up that flower pita ...
    Mom we miss you, every day ...
    I love you my love my life ... I love you



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