A drug storm reaches the coast of Dénia

May 26 from 2023 - 09: 40

The sea in Dénia is relatively calm. Or it would be, if it weren't for the large number of packages that are arriving at the shore. Packages full of drugs. More than thirty bales have arrived at the beaches of the capital of the Marina Alta.

Throughout this week, a ton of drugs has been recovered on the Dénia coast. Both in the north Marines, like the south, Les Rotes. As this newspaper reported a few days ago, the packages are very bulky, about 40 kilos each. Now, thanks to the data revealed by the daily information, we know that this package was only one of a total of 34 that have been found.

These packages contain hashish and, although there is no official confirmation, they could be related to a large displacement semi-rigid boat that mysteriously appeared on the beach of Les Rotes a few weeks ago. She was abandoned at the scene and it is unknown who was on board. However, it is undeniable that due to its characteristics it is reminiscent of the gliders used by drug traffickers to quickly move large quantities of drugs under cover of night.

  1. Ignacio says:

    If the police themselves unload and transport them, why do the drug traffickers have to bother doing it? Good strategy. Hashish, it comes from Morocco, right?