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A luxury hotel with parking, restaurant and large auditorium in the quarry of the Castle: the ambitious project of Citizens

May 22 from 2019 - 14: 18

Citizens has presented this Wednesday morning the most ambitious project of its electoral program: the landscape integration of the castle quarry through sustainable construction.

It is not a new project, it was born in 1995 by the architect Salva Pons. This macro project proposes to take advantage of the quarry of the castle, where currently the dependencies of urbanism and youth are, building a luxury hotel with 200 rooms; nine public parking plants; a restaurant with views on the top floor and a large auditorium with capacity for 900 people.

#DéniaEnSerio-HABITEMCantera del Castillo

HABITEM is the strategy of Ciudadanos Dénia to put construction to work with SUSTAINABLE criteria that provide solutions for all. The best example we propose is this personal project of our colleagues Salva Pons, architect and Sergio Benito, civil engineer and candidate for mayor of Dénia. A project open to all parties because the great ideas for Dénia are neither left nor right, they belong to everyone.

Published by Cs Dénia On Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The building would have nine floors. On the ground floor, with a height of 8 meters, the municipal offices (7.580 m2) would be located; the auditorium (1.800 m2) and access to the parking lot. In the nine parking floors there would be capacity for 2.000 vehicles.

The Hotel of Great Luxury a plant, to which would be added five floors with panoramic rooms and a restaurant with chill out terrace on the top floor.

Image: Reconstruction of the castle - Luxury Hotel

How to execute the project

The cost of this project would amount to 66'2 million euros. To get them, from Citizens we bet on a private concession. According to their estimates, in ten years the operation of the hotel would obtain 100% of the project costs. It would be a concession to 30 years, which would be made through a public tender.

From Ciudadanos stress that would be extra income for the City through the concession of the restaurant, the operation of the auditorium and parking.

The mayoral candidate for Citizens, Sergio Benito, says that there are already investors interested in this project, that it would respect the castle environment and that in less than two years it could be built.

  1. Bill jervis says:

    The video shows that side of the castle being already unsympathetic to it's historical roots. However, two wrong do not make a right! What SHOULD be the area should be landscaped with native trees and plants, and possibly a discrete visitors center focused on the rich history of the castle, but no more than that! Denia already has it's share of ugly buildings - please dont add to it further. Denia is a lovely place and needs protection.

  2. José luis says:


  3. I xelo says:

    Denia.com censors the comments?
    I repeat my comment ...

    It seems to me a barbarity to build a large luxury hotel next to the castle of Denia
    We have to protect and safeguard the historical environment for future generations.
    This barbarity they want to do, the hotel, will be forever ... and aesthetically it will be fatal ...
    ! I do not agree!!

  4. I xelo says:

    Nothing should be built near the castle ...
    It is a historical monument and I believe that its surroundings should be protected.
    Also aesthetically, it would be an outrage that we would stay there, forever.
    Please, do not touch the surroundings of the castle !!

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