A gigantic iron tree to crown the endless hotel of Marqués de Campo

05 October 2021 - 13: 25

After five years of intermittent work, the hotel at the end of Marqués de Campo is taking shape. The building located where the old Mediterranean restaurant already shows its new face, the image it has given today with the placement, as an icing on the cake, of a huge sculpture on the highest part is very curious.

It is not the final auction, because there is still work, but it seems that the conclusion of the long work is getting closer and closer. This morning, the construction company has moved an imposing sculpture by Toni Marí that emulates an iron tree of enormous dimensions. This, as can be seen in the image, has been placed in front of great expectation in front of what appears to be the hotel's swimming pool, located on the roof.

Although it is far from the classic image of the corner, it will undoubtedly steal the glances of those who walk around it. An element that now becomes part of the landscape of Marqués de Campo and the port of Dénia.

  1. Xavi says:

    Horrifying. What a mania they have for filling walkways, roundabouts, and public and private spaces with iron.

  2. Claudio says:

    I think the same, and with how ugly and big it is, a danger for us who live next door ...

  3. William jervis says:

    As Jose has stated - has the owner truly considered the force nature can place on such a structure?

    Also, the tall building behind the new hotel; is this to remain an ugly backdrop, or is the hotel owner planning to improve that view - perhaps with a mural as seen on building in places such as Estepona?

  4. Jose Manuel Almerich says:

    With the wind that usually does in Dénia at certain times of the year, has anyone thought about the risk of a metal structure of that size on a roof?