Three people have had to be rescued by Red Cross rescuers in Les Deveses

Very busy day for the Red Cross rescuers from Les Deveses station. In the morning, in front of the booth, they had to assist a man who could not get out of the water due to strong currents, being about 100 meters from the coast.

After a few hours of rest, and in the afternoon and in front of the nearest surveillance chair to the Los Baños restaurant, a family has asked for help from the lifeguard when they are also engaged, in a situation already in a hurry. This one has responded quickly and has removed at the same time the couple who could not leave because of the strong hangover, whose daughter was waiting for them on the beach.

Luckily, in none of the cases have the victims been intervened once safely out of the water.

The beach, which was under yellow flag, has had strong currents throughout the day, motivated by the new sandbanks that the last storms have caused.

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