Three detainees, who posed as police, as a result of a robbery with force suffered at a home in Dénia

21 October 2021 - 10: 31

Agents of the National Police have arrested three people, between the ages of 19 and 23, members of a criminal organization based in the province of Alicante specialized in committing robberies with force at homes.

The investigation began last August as a result of a complaint in which the victim reported the robbery suffered at his home in which a high-end vehicle and a motorcycle were stolen from him, events that occurred in the town of Denia.

As a result of the exchange of information and the steps taken, the investigators verified that it was a criminal organization specialized in committing robberies by means of the fracture of the frame or the bowler of the door of the houses, being a very active group due to that operated very assiduously throughout the province of Alicante.

The members of the organization had great professionalism and criminal specialization

In the robberies committed, they stole money and objects that were later marketed by themselves and with which they obtained notable economic benefits, thus increasing their patrimonial enrichment.

The members of the organization had great professionalism and criminal specialization, since in addition to robberies in homes, they were dedicated to drug trafficking, for this they stole high-end vehicles that were used to transport goods and to commit assaults on other drug traffickers posing as policemen.

They did not hesitate to use violence to flee from the agents and avoid being arrested.

So far the agents have managed to identify and arrest three members of the organization who have been charged with drug trafficking offenses, belonging to a criminal group, robbery at home, falsification of documents, crime against traffic safety and attack on an agent of the authority.

Highlight the high danger of this type of criminals who did not hesitate to use violence if necessary to try to flee, as was the case at the time of their arrest when they tried to run over one of the agents.

Among the effects intervened in the records was a professional locksmith briefcase

In the searches carried out, a high-end vehicle, a motorcycle, 10.900 euros, 3.900 kg of hashish, a professional locksmith's briefcase, various jewelry, vehicle keys and garage openers were intervened.

The detainees were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Guard of the town of Alicante, which decreed prison for one of them.

The investigation was carried out by agents of the Alicante and Dénia Judicial Police Brigade.

The agents continue to carry out efforts with the recovered effects that have not been able to be identified, requesting citizen collaboration from those people who have been victims of robberies in their homes to be able to clarify new criminal acts, not ruling out new arrests.

  1. Pillar says:

    I was robbed in November of last year, I handed over all the photos of my stolen jewelery, I have tried to call the police several times and I have also gone to talk to them and they give me a number that no one takes, I would love to know if they have done any investigation. since the days some data of who could have been
    And I have no answer

  2. Ignacio says:

    Ages between 19 and 23 years…. What jewels and future rock awaits you. When they release them they will do it again.