They move a dolphin found dead in Punta del Raset to study the disease that would have ended his life

01 March 2021 - 19: 19

The Environment team of the Dénia City Council has collected a specimen of a deceased dolphin from the beach Punta del Raset which will be transferred to study the disease that would have ended his life.

Dénia continues to be one of the favorite destinations for marine mammals to visit during their travels. In addition, each time these animals come closer to the coast, letting themselves be seen by the curious.

During this last week dolphin sightings have been reported in the vicinity of the port, and probably one of these is the one that has ended up on the shore of Raset beach without life. It is a specimen of an adult striped dolphin which everything indicates that it would have died of disease since parasites have been found inside.

Today they will save it and tomorrow it will be collected by experts from the university to be studied.

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