All Dénia floats this year, ordered by award

17 July 2022 - 04: 16

Our floats They have returned to tour Dénia this Saturday. Without a doubt, it was one of the most anticipated appointments of the Festivals, and has not disappointed at all. The proposals have been of a high level, so the jury has had a difficult time choosing the prizes. Now, the verdict was precise, being the following:

Eleventh Prize

  • Failure: Camp Roig
  • Motto: Wizard of Oz
  • Car Artists: Anthony Sansano

tenth prize

  • Failure: Darrere del Castell
  • Motto: L'Alegria Del Carnestoltes Brasileny 
  • Car Artists: Lawrence Martin and Jaime Donderis
  • Comparison: The Brazilian essence
  • Musical accompaniment: Batucada Ondara Attack

XNUMXth Prize

  • Failure: Port Rotes
  • Motto: The Gypsy of Port-Rotes 
  • Car Artists: Jose Candel and Carlos Martinez
  • Child's Comparsa: The Zingaritos (Second Prize)
  • Comparison: Alache (Second Prize)

Eighth Prize

  • Failure: saltings
  • Motto: Paradís
  • Car Artists: Sergio Avargues, Rosa Maria Ahuir and Rafael Rosalen
  • Child's Comparsa: Pa-Paradís (First Prize)
  • Comparison: Açò és temptació!! 

Seventh Prize

  • Failure: Paris Pedrera
  • Motto: Arabian
  • Car Artists: Manuel Marco and Jose Candel
  • Comparison: Amiras I Omarah Daniya
  • Musical accompaniment: Xaranga l´Atril


Sixth Prize

  • Failure: Diana
  • Motto: The paradise of Tongatapu (Second Prize Characterization)
  • Car Artists: Pablo Fuster and Carlos Sau
  • Child's Comparsa: Batukids
  • Comparison: Marama (Llum Del Mon)
  • Musical accompaniment: Batugaria


Fifth Prize

  • Failure: West
  • Motto: Sahar Alsarq, The Magic of the Orient
  • Car Artists: Valentine Alcalà
  • Child's Comparsa: Les Ballaries De Sahar Alsarq
  • Comparison: The village of Sahar Alsarq (Third Prize)
  • Musical accompaniment: Cachorra's Band

Fourth Prize

  • Failure: Les Roques
  • Motto: Happiness Da Da
  • Car Artists: Jose antonio moya
  • Comparison: Burlesque

Third award

  • Failure: Campaments
  • Motto: El Guardià Del Temps (First Prize Characterization)
  • Car Artists: Jose Luis Gallo
  • Child's Comparsa: Disrupted
  • Comparison: Warriors and warriors of the temps
  • Musical accompaniment: The Trotamúsicos de Cuenca

Second prize

  • Failure: City Center
  • Motto: Valencian spring
  • Car Artists: The Commission
  • Comparison: Floral Dance
  • Musical accompaniment: Xe Q Fort Xaranga

First prize

  • Failure: Baix la Mar
  • Motto: Octopus Circus (Third Characterization)
  • Car Artists: Sergio Garcia Signes and Miguel Ivars
  • Child's Comparsa: Little Royal Circus (Third Prize)
  • Comparison: Circus On Parade (First Prize)

Out of competition

Chariot of the Fifths

Carriage of the Falleras Mayores and Courts of Honor

guests float

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