Members of CD Dénia go to the notary to demand from the board the celebration of the assembly

Dénia partners, tired of waiting for the convening of the general assembly, have taken a step forward and this Tuesday have gone to the office of a notary to request, by a notarial request, the current board of the club holding the Assembly.

The petition was made after Benavente himself, along with one of his new board members, met with the technician, Esteban and his assistant Roberto Navarro. These four were sitting on the terrace of the Trinquet bar. A few meters from them, some 20 partners had stayed to see what could be done for the future of the club in the absence of information on the current situation of the entity.

The partners asked Benavente to go to where they were to be informed of issues related to the entity. At first, Benavente declined the invitation and continued with the coaching staff chatting.

The refusal of Benavente felt very bad among fans who did not understand the position of the president of the club. Meanwhile, the partners themselves looked for solutions to what was happening. The possibility that the team has to return to the Third Division in an administrative manner was noted if it is confirmed that Benigànim rejects his position. Some were interested in whether despite the debts that Dénia currently has this would be possible. Others kept asking the date of the assembly.

After a while, Benavente and his board member, Juanjo Ribes, approached the table where the members were meeting. When he arrived, he told them that the club's themes were not to be discussed on the terrace of a bar, which invited them to go through the club offices where they would be given an appointment to talk about the subject.

The reaction of the fans was astonishment because some of them had even called Benavente's phone several times and Benavente had not attended him. Benavente was asked, in case Dénia was offered the position in Third Division, if he was going to accept. The answer was affirmative and to the question about the date of the assembly of partners, the answer was that it would take place at the end of July.

After leaving the member of the current board, the opinion of the present partners was to take legal and statutory actions to implement a motion of censure to this directive after the departure of the president, Gema Estrela, and the Vice President, Toni Martí, is made up of a series of people who have not been chosen by the social masses.

Exchange of impressions with the coaching staff

In the sporting field, note that also came to talk with this group of fans the technicians, Manuel Esteban and Roberto Navarro, who gave their explanations. An entertaining talk that convinced the audience to be two young technicians who spoke so humbly to a club that for them is very large, but with many eager to get to work as soon as possible.

One of the technicians recognized that he was surprised that some Dénia players with whom he had had contacts to stay or come to the club, had answered him in a negative way. The fans answered that this was normal given the bad management that had been had from the board with these players.

Team followers groguet they let the technicians know that they would have all their support during the season, since in the club the union between all is maximum, but that there are people whose way of acting is not aware of the damage that is being done to the entity.

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