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Feel more attractive and masculine with the hyaluronic acid treatment Mascu-look from Clínica Estética Castelblanque

06 June 2019 - 08: 41

Do you know the Mascu-Look concept that is spoken throughout Europe? The most innovative treatment for men who perform at Castelblanque Aesthetic Clinic.

It is a treatment with hyaluronic acid that allows modifying and redefining the mandibular arch, projecting the cheeks and chin. It is very soft, with hardly any pain, of short duration and fast effects in which Dr. Castelblanque achieves the best results in a single session.

It's time for men!

They can also take care of their face to feel more attractive and 100% masculine. No matter the age, Mascu-look is personalized treatment for an individual facial model that gives you a natural look for the 21st century.

With Mascu-Look you can get almost immediate results. Wear a more masculine look and a more durable look!

Request your appointment now with Dr. Laura Castelblanque on the 96 642 15 49 phone and feel more attractive and more natural.

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