The increase in the garbage rate is suspended after noting the PP "defects" in the cost of the contract labor

November 24 from 2020 - 13: 22

Next year's garbage receipt will finally stay at a 125 euro annuity. This was approved in the extraordinary plenary session held last week in which new aspects contributed by the municipal group of Popular Dénia to reduce the costs of the collection service.

Although an increase in the annuity of garbage collection in Dénia was announced that would reach 150 euros, finally it will be limited to 125 as it has been until now. This turn of events has been achieved thanks to the collaboration of the Department of Finance of the Dénia City Council and the municipal group of the PP, which after a study of the documentation of the new statement warned a series of, what the popular have called , "defects".

The first intention of the Dianense council was to raise the garbage rate by 20% by 2021, which implied a greater economic cost for the residents of the capital of the Marina Alta.

In order to suspend the increase in this rate, the popular mayor José Antonio Cristóbal monitored the contract with the documents that the City Council provided him, where he noticed a controversial point in relation to the cost of labor, which It represents 70% of the total in which the contract is valued. According to Cristóbal, the document equated private sector workers with public servants, which caused an increase in the cost structure of labor by 10%.

This new investigation was translated into the extraordinary plenary session last Thursday, where a series of modifications were proposed that, according to the PP, represent a saving of more than one million euros in the next 10 years.

The amendment was approved by majority during said plenary session, which contributed to the freezing of the rate hike. Own Paco Roselló, Councilor for Finance, thanked the contributions of the popular mayor that led to this decision.

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  1. MIPB says:

    I celebrate that freezing that was a real outrage in the times that we are!
    Maxime if there were 'defects' ... what is missing is a good opposition !!!

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