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Santi Mas - Pet Services

Santi Mas

En Santi Mas - Pet services you will find the best prices on antiparasitic products, from the best and most effective brands on the market, for dogs and cats. They also have great discounts on all kinds of accessories: necklaces, cribs, bags ... food, canine and feline promotions. Find out by calling 96 642 19 07.

And remember that include canine and feline hairdresser with over 25 years of experience. Maintenance see prices.

Santi Mas Pet Services offers everything you need to care for your pet: canine and feline hairdresser, food, accessories and veterinary practice.

With over 25 years of experience in Santi Mas you will find accessories for dogs and cats, the best and most effective brands on antiparasitic products, food and diets. In addition hairdressing service for all races, dermatologic bathrooms, scissor cuts, cutting machine, and trimming.

With special prices for maintenance.

Consultation and shop are located on the street Federico García Lorca Denia, next to the courts.


Street Federico García Lorca -

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