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Sánchez Zurita (UpyD) wants more transparent information on the website of the City of Dénia

27 March 2015 - 11: 45

UPyD candidate for municipal, Paco Sánchez Zurita wants more information transparency in Dénia. He also local delegate of training magenta highlighted, through a statement that the agreements of the Governing Board, the budget amendments approved by the plenary, complete and itemized budget settlement, audit reports, the amount of debt, reports on budgetary stability and travel expenses borne by the public budget should be available to dianenses on the website of the City of Denia.

Sánchez Zurita argued that if the consistory apply "transparency measures" they have urged to adopt "would not be necessary" questions that take place in the Municipal Council since the information would be available to people. The alcaldable insisted that UPyD "It makes no sense that information on management is hidden from those who are the owners of the City Council, and it remains only in the political class that they are nothing other than managers who are there temporarily."


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