How to climb Montgó from Dénia: Camino de la Colonia-Cima route

How to climb Montgó from Dénia: Camino de la Colonia-Cima route

02 July 2020 - 11: 40

This is perhaps the best known route to the top of Montgó, but it is not easy: in some sections, the slope is very steep, the ground is full of loose rocks and you have to help yourself with your hands to advance. We explain all the details of a route that promises you the great satisfaction of being at the top of Montgó.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.

Route data and layout

The route begins at a usual point for the itineraries that run through the Montgó: next to the Hermitage of Pare Pere, at the beginning of the Colony Trail. The following map shows the route marked in orange.

If you want to see this map enlarged, enter the Cartographic viewer of l'Institut Cartogràfic Valencià.

When we reach the fork we take the path to the right in the direction of Raco del Bou. From this point the path increases its slope. When we reach another fork we take the direction towards the top. As we see, everything is very well indicated and there is no room for doubt. From here the ascent is complicated because the slope is steep and because there are loose stones on the road, so we must be very careful. There are times when we will even have to help ourselves with our hands to keep climbing.


We will travel a little more than 6 kilometers. A maximum height of 750 meters is reached.


The estimated duration is 3 hours.


It is considered to be high difficulty.

What can we see

The Pare Pere Hermitage is worth a visit: it houses the stand del Pare Pere, a small cave where the priest spent much of his retirement life on the Montgó. His life is represented on ceramic tiles.

When we have passed the sign that indicates the top, there comes a point where we find a detour that indicates "Creueta". If we take it, behind the rocks we can see the metallic cross that presides over the Montgó on the face of Dénia.

From the top, the views are incredible: the sea, the entire coast to La Safor and Cullera. And on clear days, the Balearic Islands.

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