Hiking in Dénia: the Benimaquia-Coll de Pous route

Hiking in Dénia: the Benimaquia-Coll de Pous route

05 July 2020 - 11: 20

This route owes its name to the Iberian town through which it passes: the Alto de Benimaquia, a vestige of the XNUMXth century BC.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.

Route data

The starting point of the route is located at km 9,6 of the CV-735 highway, the Dénia-Xàbia highway: you must look for a paved path next to an Occupational Center. When this path ends, about 300 meters on the right, a steep path begins that goes up to Alto de Benimaquia. From here, the slope ends and we surround the Iberian village on the left, until we find "The guard's house", a small house with benches and a table that is preserved in good condition. From here we take the path on the left that goes through a pine forest. We will pass through different marked crossings and we must not lose the main path. passing through different marked crossings so as not to lose the main path. In the end, we arrive at Coll de Pous.

This itinerary is in the western part of the Montgó massif, and you can see it marked in light brown in the following photograph, taken from Cartographic viewer of Natural Parks.


2710 meters are covered, almost three kilometers.


The estimated duration is 1 hour and a half.


This route is considered to be medium difficulty because of the steep slope at the beginning.

Other data

The cumulative elevation gain is 170 meters. A maximum height of 196 meters is reached and the minimum is 42 meters.

What to see

In the 80s of the last century, exhumations carried out by the University of Valencia in the Iberian town of l 'Alt de Benimaquia they discovered there the oldest wine presses in the western Mediterranean.

For its part, the Coll de Pous site, which was also studied in the 80s by the Museum of Dénia, could have been a large Iberian settlement between the XNUMXth and XNUMXrd centuries BC, with great importance for the formation of the Dianium later Roman.

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