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10N election results in Dénia

November 10 from 2019 - 21: 17

The first results of the general elections are already known throughout the State and, therefore, also in Dénia. The participation has been 67'02% in the capital of the Marina Alta, 6'24% less than in April.

With the 100% scrutinized, wins the PSOE with the 31'66% (5731 votes) in the congressional elections, followed by PP with the 20'24% (3664). The third most voted out is PODEMOS-EUPV with the 15'10% (2734), followed closely by the far-right VOX party with 14'06% (2545).

These are followed by Citizens with 8'38%, Més Compromís 7'58% and PACMA 1'00%.

  1. Julia says:

    This news is anything but sectarian because it is only limited to giving data that you can contrast yourself in the official pages. VOX is said to be from the extreme right because it is, because it questions many of the democratic precepts that were assumed by conservative and progressive parties. If it hurts you to rate VOX like this, we already know who are those who support a political party whose sole intention is to undermine democracy

  2. Eneko says:

    Journalists are not, but sectarian informants….

  3. Maria de la O says:

    Juan Perez, I agree with you !! Bad and sectarian journalists ... but all! one is not saved!

  4. Juan Perez says:

    Why say, referred to VOX, extreme right party and not say extreme left party when you talk about WE CAN ?. You are also bad journalists, sectarian journalists.

    • Leon says:

      Those comments show that the sectarians and unique language are them.
      Everything that smells like Spain irritates them

    • Rosa Maria Gutierrez says:

      Indeed, according to the commentator Juan Perez of the November 11, those of United Podemos is the extreme left and it is never said.
      It's about time we say it loud and clear. And we have been with the extreme left in Spain for years and nothing has happened. Because it has to happen with the extreme right. I do not get it!!